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The Meaning in Life Questionnaire: Assessing the Presence of and Search for Meaning in Life
Counseling psychologists often work with clients to increase their well-being as well as to decrease their distress. One important aspect of well-being, highlighted particularly in humanistic
Testing Moderator and Mediator Effects in Counseling Psychology Research.
The goals of this article are to (a) describe differences between moderator and mediator effects; (b) provide nontechnical descriptions of how to examine each type of effect, including study design,
Vicarious Trauma: The Effects on Female Counselors of Working with Sexual Violence Survivors
The primary purpose of this study was to assess the effects on counselors of working with sexual violence survivors. Members of a women psychologists' organization and a group of sexual violence
Perceived control and distress following sexual assault: a longitudinal test of a new model.
  • P. Frazier
  • Psychology
    Journal of personality and social psychology
  • 1 June 2003
Longitudinal data were collected from female sexual assault survivors and hierarchical linear modeling analyses revealed that changes in perceived control were associated with changes in distress after linear change in distress over time was accounted for.
Positive and negative life changes following sexual assault.
Positive changes generally increased over time and negative changes decreased, although change in different domains followed different courses and there was significant individual variability in change patterns.
Reintegration problems and treatment interests among Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans receiving VA medical care.
Iraq-Afghanistan combat veterans who already receive VA medical care reported multiple current reintegration problems and wanted services and information to help them readjust to community life, particularly prevalent among those with probable PTSD.
Does Self-Reported Posttraumatic Growth Reflect Genuine Positive Change?
Perceived growth was associated with increased distress from pre- to posttrauma, whereas actual growth was related to decreased distress, a pattern suggesting that perceived and actual growth reflect different processes.
Traumatic Events Among Undergraduate Students: Prevalence and Associated Symptoms
This multisite study assessed the prevalence of exposure to traumatic events and associated symptoms among undergraduate students (N = 1,528) using online surveys. Most students (85%) reported having
Sexual assault cases in the legal system: Police, prosecutor, and victim perspectives
The purposes of this study were to assess (a) the extent of attrition in the processing of sexual assault cases in the legal systems, (b) factors associated with attrition at various stages in the
Meaning in Life: One Link in the Chain From Religiousness to Well-Being
Meaning in life has been identified as a potential mediator of the link between religiousness and psychological health. The authors tested this hypothesis in 2 studies, using multiple methods and