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Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions
The fact that space has three dimensions would seem to be one of the most obvious and indisputable features of our world. Ever since Einstein proposed his theory of general relativity, however, it
The little rip
We examine models in which the dark energy density increases with time (so that the equation-of-state parameter w satisfies w < -1), but w approaches -1 asymptotically, such that there is no future
Pseudo-rip: Cosmological models intermediate between the cosmological constant and the little rip
If we assume that the cosmic energy density will remain constant or strictly increase in the future, then the possible fates for the universe can be divided into four categories based on the time
Highest Energy Cosmic Rays
It is proposed that the highest energy $\sim 10^{20}$eV cosmic ray primaries are protons, decay products of a long-lived progenitor whose high kinetic energy arises from decay of a distant