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An improved approximation algorithm for the single machine total completion time scheduling problem with availability constraints
In this paper, we study the single machine total completion scheduling problem subject to a period of maintenance. We propose an approximation algorithm to solve the problem with a worst case errorExpand
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DNA Sequencing With Positive and Negative Errors
The problem addressed in this paper is concerned with DNA sequencing by hybridization. An algorithm is proposed that solves a computational phase of this approach in the presence of both positive andExpand
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Tabu search for DNA sequencing with false negatives and false positives
Abstract The paper deals with the problem of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) sequencing by hybridization. A computational phase of this approach, i.e. a construction of a DNA sequence fromExpand
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Scheduling preemptable tasks on parallel processors with limited availability
It is well known that in the majority of cases the problem of preemptive task scheduling on m parallel identical processors with the objective of minimizing makespan can be solved in polynomial time.Expand
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An analysis of the Petri net based model of the human body iron homeostasis process
In the paper a Petri net based model of the human body iron homeostasis is presented and analyzed. The body iron homeostasis is an important but not fully understood complex process. The modeling ofExpand
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Homologous Crossovers among Molecules of Brome Mosaic Bromovirus RNA1 or RNA2 Segments In Vivo
ABSTRACT Previously we demonstrated frequent homologous crossovers among molecules of the RNA3 segment in the tripartite brome mosaic bromovirus (BMV) RNA genome (A. Bruyere, M. Wantroba, S.Expand
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Hepatitis C virus quasispecies in chronically infected children subjected to interferon–ribavirin therapy
Accumulating evidence suggests that certain features of hepatitis C virus (HCV), especially its high genetic variability, might be responsible for the low efficiency of anti-HCV treatment. Here, weExpand
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On the recognition of de Bruijn graphs and their induced subgraphs
The directed de Bruijn graphs appear often as models in computer science, because of the useful properties these graphs have. Similarly, the induced subgraphs of these graphs have applicationsExpand
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Computational methods in diagnostics of chronic hepatitis C
Despite the considerable progress that has recently been made in medicine, the treatment of viral infections is still a problem remaining to be solved. This especially concerns infections caused byExpand
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Two-machine flow shops with limited machine availability
Abstract This paper studies a flow shop where machines have some periods of limited availability. The limited availability may be due to preschedules, preventive maintenance, or overlap of twoExpand
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