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'Subtle Is the Lord ...': The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein
For withdrawing a bundle of pipes from a heat exchanger and for inserting such bundle the required tractive forces should be exerted on the bundle in a direction in line therewith by means of a key.
The Primacy of Science in Modernity, of Technology in Postmodernity, and of Ideology in the History of Technology
The abrupt reversal of culturally ascribed primacy in the science–technology relationship—namely, from the primacy of science relative to technology prior to circa 1980, to the primacy of technology
:The Measurement of Time: Time, Frequency, and the Atomic Clock
Have downtimes? Read the measurement of time time frequency and the atomic clock writer by Why? A best seller publication worldwide with great worth and also content is incorporated with fascinating
Atomichron®: The atomic clock from concept to commercial product
  • P. Forman
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the IEEE
  • 1 July 1985
The first half of this paper (Sections I-III) gives an overview of the development of atomic clocks from the earliest suggestions that atoms could provide superlative frequency and time standards to
On the Historical Forms of Knowledge Production and Curation: Modernity Entailed Disciplinarity, Postmodernity Entails Antidisciplinarity
This article continues and extends my previous efforts to characterize modernity and to map the change in state of mind constituting the transition to postmodernity. Here I make a case for marking
Inventing the Maser in Postwar America
"A UNIQUE 'ATOMIC CLOCK' has just been perfected at Columbia Unit1versity" by Charles H. Townes and his coworkers. So read a press release that the Columbia University News Office distributed "to
``Swords into ploughshares``: Breaking new ground with radar hardware and technique in physical research after World War II
A survey is offered of applications to fundamental physical research, in the years immediately following World War II, of the instrumentalities developed for radar during that war. Attention is given