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Phyllis Schlafly And Grassroots Conservatism
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The Lessons of the Reagan Years
The chapter charts the impact of the 1980s on the national right-to-life movement, beginning with the 1988 election and the myth-making that burnished Reagan’s legacy. It summarizes the fortunes ofExpand
“Voodoo Demographics”: The Right-to-Life Movement Confronts the Population Establishment
In the early 1980s, anti-abortionists experienced several important defeats, and national groups struggled to find ways to work with the Reagan administration and yet still achieve victories. TheExpand
‘A Prolife Disaster’: The Reagan Administration and the Nomination of Sandra Day O’Connor
The victory of Ronald Reagan in the 1980 presidential election was a victory for a new form of US political conservatism that emphasized both social and economic issues. Abortion was paramount amongExpand
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Fighting the “hurricane winds” of abortion liberalization: Americans United for life and the struggle for self-definition before Roe v. Wade
Abstract In 1971, anti-abortion leaders in the United States came together to establish a new national organization, Americans United for Life (AUL). In its first year, AUL struggled to put ecumenismExpand
‘Voodoo biology’: the right-to-life campaign against family planning programs in the United States in the 1980s
ABSTRACT Title X, a federal program funding family planning services in the United States, had broad popular and political support throughout the 1970s. But in the early 1980s, it was subjected to aExpand
“A Prolife Disaster”: The Sandra Day O’Connor Nomination
In 1980, Ronald Reagan and the Republican Party Platform foregrounded the significance of Supreme Court nominations in promoting the “sanctity of human life” and “traditional family values.”Expand