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Viterbi decoding strategies for 5 GHz wireless LAN systems
Standards for the operation of wireless local area network (WLAN) technology in the 5 GHz band have been developed in Europe, North America and Japan. These systems employ orthogonal frequencyExpand
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FDTD Analysis and Design of Probe-Fed Dual-Polarized Circular Stacked Patch Antenna
This contribution shows that the FDTD technique is an effective design tool for producing dual-polarized circular stacked patch antennas. Computational requirements may be minimized by carefulExpand
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Mutual coupling compensation in small planar array antennas
Far-field pattern synthesis of small antenna arrays is a nontrivial problem. Typically radiation patterns are required to exhibit low sidelobe levels, whilst maintaining the ability to scan the mainExpand
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Mutual coupling in multi-element array antennas and its influence on MIMO channel capacity
The effects of mutual coupling between receive elements in a multi-element antenna on multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system capacity are reported. The results are based upon analysis of mutualExpand
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Beamforming for circular and semicircular array antennas for low-cost wireless LAN data communications systems
An investigation into beam synthesis for small circular and semicircular arrays is presented. Array antennas of this type are likely to become a core component in future wireless LAN systemsExpand
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Scenario driven evaluation and interference mitigation proposals for Bluetooth and high data rate Bluetooth enabled consumer electronic devices
This paper investigates the effects of interference occurring between Bluetooth and high data rate Bluetooth enabled consumer electronic devices in the home and office environment. Software simulatedExpand
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Derivation of orthogonal beams and their application to beamforming in small phased arrays
It is a difficult problem to synthesise beams with the desired characteristics (low sidelobe levels, narrow main beam) from small phased arrays with few elements. Mutual coupling between elementsExpand
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A bootstrap multi-user detector for CDMA based on Tikhonov regularization
A novel multi-user detection (MUD) technique for CDMA systems is introduced. The new method is well suited for cases in which the code cross correlation matrix is ill-conditioned. In practice, thisExpand
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An investigation of the coexistence of 802.11g WLAN and high data rate Bluetooth enabled consumer electronic devices in indoor home and office environments
The anticipated proliferation of various wireless local area network (WLAN) enabled devices in the near,future is likely to result in increased mutual interference in the 2.45 GHz Industrial,Expand
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Indoor throughput and range improvements using standard compliant AP antenna diversity in IEEE 802.11a and ETSI HIPERLAN/2
This paper explores the application of space-time diversity techniques to enhance the performance of 5 GHz WLAN. The analysis is based on systems conforming to either the IEEE 802.11a or ETSIExpand
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