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Laboratory animal anaesthesia
Laboratory Animal Anesthesia looks at recent significant developments in anesthetic practices in laboratory experiments involving animals. It also provides information about basic standards forExpand
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Recommendations for euthanasia of experimental animals: Part 1
Working Party: Mrs Bryony Close (Chair), Dr Keith Banister, Dr Vera Baumans, Dr Eva-Maria Bernoth, Dr Niall Bromage, Dr John Bunyan, Professor Dr Wolff Erhardt, Professor Paul Flecknell, Dr NevilleExpand
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Behavioural effects of laparotomy and analgesic effects of ketoprofen and carprofen in rats
&NA; Rat behaviour was studied to develop a reliable method of determining the severity and duration of post‐laparotomy pain, and to assess analgesic effects of ketoprofen or carprofen. Behaviour wasExpand
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Evaluation of EMLA Cream for Preventing Pain during Tattooing of Rabbits: Changes in Physiological, Behavioural and Facial Expression Responses
Background Ear tattooing is a routine procedure performed on laboratory, commercial and companion rabbits for the purpose of identification. Although this procedure is potentially painful, it isExpand
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Laboratory animal anaesthesia : a practical introduction for research workers and technicians
Glossary. List of Tables. List of Figures. Introduction. Pre-Operative Care. Pre-Anesthetic Medication. Anesthesia. Anesthetic Management. Special Techniques. Post-Operative Care. Anesthesia ofExpand
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The Assessment of Post-Vasectomy Pain in Mice Using Behaviour and the Mouse Grimace Scale
Background Current behaviour-based pain assessments for laboratory rodents have significant limitations. Assessment of facial expression changes, as a novel means of pain scoring, may overcome someExpand
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Effects of vasectomy surgery and meloxicam treatment on faecal corticosterone levels and behaviour in two strains of laboratory mouse
Abstract Behaviour was assessed in 32 C57BL/6JCrl and 32 C3H/HeN male mice 1 h following vasectomy; saline or meloxicam was administered 30 min prior to surgery at 5, 10, or 20 mg kg−1. Faeces wereExpand
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BSAVA manual of rabbit medicine and surgery
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