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The Anesthetic Considerations of Tracheobronchial Foreign Bodies in Children: A Literature Review of 12,979 Cases
Asphyxiation by an inhaled foreign body is a leading cause of accidental death among children younger than 4 years. We analyzed the recent epidemiology of foreign body aspiration and reviewed theExpand
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Mortality on Mount Everest, 1921-2006: descriptive study
Objective To examine patterns of mortality among climbers on Mount Everest over an 86 year period. Design Descriptive study. Setting Climbing expeditions to Mount Everest, 1921-2006. Participants 14Expand
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Functional MRI detection of pharmacologically induced memory impairment
To examine alterations in brain activation associated with pharmacologically induced memory impairment, we used functional MRI (fMRI) to study the effects of lorazepam and scopolamine on a face–nameExpand
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Sickle Cell Disease and Anesthesia
IN October 1902, a “peculiar anomaly in human red blood corpuscles. . .came to notice in the histologic laboratory of the Ohio State University,” Columbus, Ohio. “Examination disclosed the fact thatExpand
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Anesthesia and hemoglobinopathies.
  • P. Firth
  • Medicine
  • Anesthesiology clinics
  • 1 June 2009
Hemoglobinopathies are diseases involving abnormalities of the structure or production of hemoglobin. Examples include sickle cell disease, the thalassemias, and rare hemoglobin variants producingExpand
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An Electronic Checklist Improves Transfer and Retention of Critical Information at Intraoperative Handoff of Care
BACKGROUND:Communication failures are a significant cause of preventable medical errors, and poor-quality handoffs are associated with adverse events. We developed and implemented a simple checklistExpand
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Mountain mortality: a review of deaths that occur during recreational activities in the mountains
The growing popularity of activities such as hiking, climbing, skiing and snowboarding has ensured that the number of visitors to mountain environments continues to increase. Since such areas placeExpand
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Anaesthesia for peculiar cells--a century of sickle cell disease.
  • P. Firth
  • Medicine
  • British journal of anaesthesia
  • 1 September 2005
Sickle cell disease is a congenital haemoglobinopathy with a high incidence of perioperative complications. Traditional anaesthetic management, based largely on extrapolation from biochemical models,Expand
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Intensive care in low-income countries--a critical need.
Providing critical care may not seem to be a rational priority in low-income countries such as Uganda. But inadequate infrastructure, disease burden, and demographic characteristics, combined withExpand
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The use of Google Glass for airway assessment and management
Currently, information about airway assessment and tracheal intubation is communicated verbally or in writing. Google Glass can record this information in real time with minimal disruption to workExpand
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