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Motion Planning in Dynamic Environments Using Velocity Obstacles
This paper presents a method for robot motion planning in dynamic environments. It consists of selecting avoidance maneuvers to avoid static and moving obstacles in the velocity space, based on theExpand
Robotic Surgery
In this article, we discuss formal methods for the verification of properties of control systems designed for autonomous robotic systems. In the last few decades, robotics played a relevant role inExpand
Motion planning in dynamic environments using the relative velocity paradigm
  • P. Fiorini, Z. Shiller
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • [] Proceedings IEEE International Conference on…
  • 2 May 1993
A simple and efficient approach to the computation of avoidance maneuvers among moving obstacles is presented, and the method is applied to an example of a 3-D avoidance maneuver. Expand
A Design and Control Environment for Internet-Based Telerobotics
An environment for the design, simulation, and control of Internet-based force-reflecting telerobotic systems as using a segment of the computer network to connect the master to the slave is described. Expand
Minimalist Jumping Robots for Celestial Exploration
Some of the key mechanisms that enable the novel approach to the design and deployment of small and minimally actuated jumping or hopping robots that are suitable for exploring the unstructured terrains of celestial bodies are described. Expand
Search and Rescue Robotics
This chapter will cover the basic characteristics of disasters and their impact on robotic design, describe the robots actually used in disasters to date, promising robot designs, methods of evaluation in benchmarks for rescue robotics, and conclude with a discussion of the fundamental problems and open issues facing rescue robotics. Expand
A Review of Algorithms for Compliant Control of Stiff and Fixed-Compliance Robots
This survey presents the state of the art of basic compliant control algorithms in a unified view of past and present literature. Compliant control is fundamental when dealing with unstructuredExpand
The Development of Hopping Capabilities for Small Robots
This paper describes the development of small hopping robots that are useful for many tasks in unknown, rugged terrain, and are especially suited to celestial exploration in small gravityExpand
A robotics wheelchair for crowded public environment
Describes the robotic wheelchair MAid (Mobility Aid for Elderly and Disabled People). MAid's task is to support and transport people with limited motion skills. It is based on a commercial wheelchairExpand
Hydrodynamic pressure sensing with an artificial lateral line in steady and unsteady flows.
It is reported that a distributed pressure sensing mechanism has the capability to discriminate KáRMán vortex streets from uniform flows, and determine the orientation and position of the platform with respect to the incoming flow and the centre axis of the Kármán vortex street. Expand