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Hydrography of the eastern tropical Pacific: A review
Abstract Eastern tropical Pacific Ocean waters lie at the eastern end of a basin-wide equatorial current system, between two large subtropical gyres and at the terminus of two eastern boundaryExpand
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ENSO variability and the eastern tropical Pacific: A review
El Nino-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) encompasses variability in both the eastern and western tropical Pacific. During the warm phase of ENSO, the eastern tropical Pacific is characterized byExpand
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The annual cycle and biological effects of the Costa Rica Dome
The Costa Rica Dome is similar to other tropical thermocline domes in several respects: it is part of an east–west thermocline ridge associated with the equatorial circulation, surface currents flowExpand
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Oceanographic influences on seabirds and cetaceans of the eastern tropical Pacific: A review
Abstract This paper is part of a comprehensive review of the oceanography of the eastern tropical Pacific, the oceanic region centered on the eastern Pacific warm pool, but also including theExpand
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Blue whale habitat and prey in the California Channel Islands
Abstract Whale Habitat and Prey Studies were conducted off southern California during August 1995 (WHAPS95) and July 1996 (WHAPS96) to (1) study the distribution and activities of blue whales andExpand
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Comparison of objective descriptions of the thermocline
Temperature-depth profiles, including the thermocline, are typically described or characterized by mixed layer depth, thermocline depth, and thermocline strength. Objective methods of estimatingExpand
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Assessing the risk of ships striking large whales in marine spatial planning.
Marine spatial planning provides a comprehensive framework for managing multiple uses of the marine environment and has the potential to minimize environmental impacts and reduce conflicts amongExpand
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An integrated approch to the foraging ecology of marine birds and mammals
Abstract Birds and mammals are important components of pelagic marine ecosystems, but our knowledge of their foraging ecology is limited. We distinguish six distinct types of data that can be used inExpand
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Environmental change in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean: review of ENSO and decadal variability
Interannual variability of the physical environment in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean (ETP) and biological effects of this variability are reviewed and compared to variability in the north-Expand
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Habitat-based spatial models of cetacean density in the eastern Pacific Ocean
Many users of the marine environment (e.g. military, seismic researchers, fisheries) conduct activities that can potentially harm cetaceans. In the USA, Environmental Assessments or EnvironmentalExpand
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