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A novel system for measuring damaging impacts on table olives
The consumer today demands high quality products; fruit with defects or in poor condition generate dissatisfaction and a consequent reduction in consumption. In recent years, interesting systems haveExpand
Spatially Variable Rate Herbicide Application on Durum Wheat in Sicily
Using the conventional farming system, durum wheat requires high rates of herbicide spraying. Herbicide residues can cause pollution of soil and ground water and, therefore, of the entireExpand
The CIGR project for the harmonization of Agricultural Engineering University Curricula
Abstract A project for the harmonization of Agricultural Engineering University Curricula was started in 1989 at European level. This project led to two seminars (in 1991 and 1992) and to a survey ofExpand
Current state and future of biogas and digestate production.
The paper reviews the current state and perspectives of biogas and digestate production, including the above factors in, including chemical composition and pH of raw materials, environmental temperature and microbial composition, influence the efficiency and reliability of the anaerobic digestion process. Expand
Mapping of penetrometer resistance in relation to tractor traffic using multivariate geostatistics
Abstract The traffic of agricultural machines can cause soil compaction and high variability of soil structure, both along normal lines and along those parallel to the field plane. The aim of thisExpand
Positioning Accuracy Comparison of GNSS Receivers Used for Mapping and Guidance of Agricultural Machines
Comparing the positioning accuracy of four GNSS receivers, distinguished by the use or not of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) differential correction data and/or an external antenna, shows that all satellite receivers tested carried out with the external antenna had an improvement in positioning accuracy. Expand
Risk exposure to vibration and noise in the use of agricultural track-laying tractors.
Evaluated the risk of exposure to whole-body vibration for the operator driving track-laying tractors in vineyard orchard and the noise level and the ANOVA repeated measures model showed that the factor 'site', namely, the soil characteristics, did not influence the vibration level on the X and Y-axes of the tractors measured, regardless of their age. Expand
Potential production of biogas from prinkly pear (opuntia ficus-indica L.) in sicilian uncultivated areas
The aim of this work is to evaluate the potential production of biogas and, indirectly, biomethane or electric and thermal energy, from prinkly pear (Opuntia ficus-indica L.), to be grown in a partExpand
Sustainable Valorisation of Biowaste for Soilless Cultivation of Salvia Officinalis in a Circular Bioeconomy
The aim of this work is to assess the usefulness of biowaste deriving from Circular Bioeconomy (CBE) processes (i.e., vermicompost, compost and digestate), as growing substrates for the partial orExpand