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Lecture notes on electron correlation and magnetism
Atoms, ions, and molecules crystal field theory Mott transition and Hubbard model Mott insulators Heisenberg magnets itinerant electron magnetism ferromagnetism in Hubbard models the GutzwillerExpand
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Charge carrier localization in pure and doped 1T-TaS2
We review experimental data on the low-temperature behaviour of pure, and cation-doped 1T-TaS2, This suggests that the transition into the commensurate phase is accompanied by Mott-localization whileExpand
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Atoms, Ions, and Molecules
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Short range and long range phase coherence in granular superconductors
The Josephson phase model with charging energies is studied in the Oguchi pair approximation. Allowing for the short-range fluctuations of the phase eliminates the reentrant feature predicted by someExpand
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Breakthrough in internal failure analysis of integrated circuits
Failure analysis of passivated ICs can therefore be performed within some seconds while the device is running its original user program. Expand
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Quadrupolar interactions in Pr compounds: PrFe4P12 and PrBa2Cu3O6
We examine Pr3+ crystal field models with near-degeneracy of the two lowest crystal field levels, where interaction-induced quadrupolar and dipolar moments are as important as the permanent momentsExpand
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Magnetic-field-induced transition in BaVS3
The metal-insulator transition (MIT) of BaVS3 is suppressed under pressure and above the critical pressure of p~2GPa the metallic phase is stabilized. We present the results of detailedExpand
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Variational theory of correlated Fermi-liquid state in the Kondo lattice model
A variational wave function is constructed and studied for the spin-compensated Fermi-liquid-type ground state in the Kondo lattice model. The spins of the localized f-electrons are compensated byExpand
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