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Mobile Robot Localization and Mapping in Extensive Outdoor Environment based on Radar Sensor - First Results
A new microwave sensor developed for autonomous vehicle navigation and perception in extensive outdoor environments is presented, and the spatial integration that is used in order to reduce the speckle effect in radar image is described. Expand
Toward 3D Reconstruction of Outdoor Scenes Using an MMW Radar and a Monocular Vision Sensor
A geometric method for 3D reconstruction of the exterior environment using a panoramic microwave radar and a camera based on the complementarity of these two sensors considering the robustness to the environmental conditions and depth detection ability of the radar, and the high spatial resolution of a vision sensor. Expand
Perception of the environment with a low cost radar sensor
A perception system is presented as part of a research program currently underway at Cemagref. This is based on frequency modulated (FM-CW) radar and is intended for applications in mobile outdoorExpand
High resolution mapping of the environment with a ground-based radar imager
The results show the ability of the microwave radar to build maps even in unstructured environment, as shown by the R-Slam algorithm. Expand
PELICAN: Panoramic millimeter-wave radar for perception in mobile robotics applications, Part 1: Principles of FMCW radar and of 2D image construction
The aim of this paper is to present the PELICAN radar, a millimeter-wave radar specifically designed for mobile robotics applications, including obstacle detection, mapping and situational awareness in general. Expand
Mapping of the environment with a high resolution ground-based radar imager
First results obtained in different environments are presented, which show the ability of the microwave radar to deal with unstructured and extended environments, and to build consistent maps. Expand
Towards LIDAR-RADAR based terrain mapping
The proposed lidar-radar map encodes the geometry of the environment such that traversability analysis and trajectory planning guarantee the robot's integrity in a stability sense and is validated experimentally. Expand
A mobile ground-based radar sensor for detection and tracking of moving objects
In this article a solution of the DATMO problem is presented to perform this task using only a microwave radar sensor, which provides images of the environment from which Doppler information can be extracted and interpreted in order to obtain not only velocities of detected objects but also the robot's own velocity. Expand