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Baryon and Lepton Number as Local Gauge Symmetries
We investigate a simple theory where baryon number (B) and lepton number (L) are local gauge symmetries. In this theory B and L are on the same footing and the anomalies are canceled by adding a
On the Origin of Neutrino Masses
We discuss the simplest mechanisms for generating neutrino masses at tree level and one loop level. We find a significant number of new possibilities where one can generate neutrino masses at the
DUSEL Theory White Paper
The scientific case for a Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory [DUSEL] located at the Homestake mine in Lead, South Dakota is exceptional. The site of this future laboratory already
Fundamental Physics at the Intensity Frontier
Particle physics aims to understand the universe around us. The Standard Model of particle physics describes the basic structure of matter and forces, to the extent we have been able to probe thus
Fate of R parity
The possible origin of the $R$-parity--violating interactions in the minimal supersymmetric standard model and its connection to the radiative symmetry-breaking mechanism is investigated in the
Simplified Dirac dark matter models and gamma-ray lines
We investigate simplified dark matter models where the dark matter candidate is a Dirac fermion charged only under a new gauge symmetry. In this context one can understand dynamically the stability
Triplet Scalars and Dark Matter at the LHC
We investigate the predictions of a simple extension of the standard model where the Higgs sector is composed of one SU(2)L doublet and one real triplet. We discuss the general features of the model,
Large underground, liquid based detectors for astro-particle physics in Europe: scientific case and prospects
This document reports on a series of experimental and theoretical studies conducted to assess the astro-particle physics potential of three future large scale particle detectors proposed in Europe as