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Identification of Nonseparable Triangular Models With Discrete Instruments
We study the identification through instruments of a nonseparable function that relates a continuous outcome to a continuous endogenous variable. Using group and dynamical systems theories, we showExpand
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Econometrics of Share Auctions
The purpose of this paper is to propose structural econometric methods for the empirical study of Wilson’s (1979) share auction model. This is a common value model in which a single and perfectlyExpand
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Identification of Nonseparable Modes with Endogeneity and Discrete Instruments
We study the identification of a nonseparable function which relates a continuous outcome to a continuous endogenous variable. We suppose to have in hand a strongly exogenous instrument, and assume aExpand
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Equilibrium selection: Payoff or risk dominance?: The case of the "weakest link"
Abstract When a game has more than one Nash equilibrium, a coordination issue arises. Pareto and risk dominations are two available criteria to select one of them. There is a debate on how to useExpand
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Comparative study of split thickness skin grafts taken from the scalp and thigh in children.
We compared 29 split thickness skin grafts taken from the thigh (group I) and 37 taken from the scalp (group II). The study was prospective with a follow-up period of 1 year. The average age was 29Expand
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A Study of Consumer Behavior Using Laboratory Data
This paper reports the results of an experiment in which subjects had to buy real products in 5 different budget/price situations. Subjects were randomly drawn from the population of a medium-sizedExpand
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Identification and Estimation of Incentive Problems: Adverse Selection
The adverse selection model is a principal-agent model defined by the objective function of the principal, the agents’ utility function and the distribution of agents’ types. We prove that theExpand
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He who must not be named
Abstract.Landsberger et al. have studied a sealed bid first price auction with two players in which the ranking of the valuations is known. They argue that such a situation can arise in a sequentialExpand
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Identification of Mixture Models Using Support Variations
We consider the issue of identifying nonparametrically continuous mixture models. In these models, all observed variables depend on a common and unobserved component, but are mutually independentExpand
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What did you expect ? Lessons from the French "Bonus/Malus".
Ex-post evaluations are crucial to measure the empirical eects of public policies. At the same time, one can wonder how much of these eects could be anticipated ex-ante. We address this questionExpand
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