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Systematic review of reviews of intervention components associated with increased effectiveness in dietary and physical activity interventions
BackgroundTo develop more efficient programmes for promoting dietary and/or physical activity change (in order to prevent type 2 diabetes) it is critical to ensure that the intervention componentsExpand
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Home-based versus hospital-based rehabilitation after myocardial infarction: A randomized trial with preference arms--Cornwall Heart Attack Rehabilitation Management Study (CHARMS).
BACKGROUND Participation in cardiac rehabilitation after acute myocardial infarction is sub-optimal. Offering home-based rehabilitation may improve uptake. We report the first randomized study ofExpand
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A trial of zinc supplementation in young rural Gambian children.
The present study tested the hypothesis that inadequate Zn intake might be responsible for failure to thrive and impaired catch-up growth in young rural Gambian children, and that Zn supplementsExpand
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Inter-rater agreement in the scoring of abstracts submitted to a primary care research conference
BackgroundChecklists for peer review aim to guide referees when assessing the quality of papers, but little evidence exists on the extent to which referees agree when evaluating the same paper. TheExpand
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A cytochrome P450 terpenoid hydroxylase linked to the suppression of insect juvenile hormone synthesis.
A cDNA encoding a cytochrome P450 enzyme was isolated from a cDNA library of the corpora allata (CA) from reproductively active Diploptera punctata cockroaches. This P450 from the endocrine glandsExpand
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Inorganic Analyses of Martian Surface Samples at the Viking Landing Sites
Elemental analyses of fines in the Martian regolith at two widely separated landing sites, Chryse Planitia and Utopia Planitia, produced remarkably similar results. At both sites, the uppermostExpand
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Listening to Patients: Choice in Cardiac Rehabilitation
Background: The benefits of cardiac rehabilitation (CR) after myocardial infarction (MI) are increasingly recognised and is recommended in national guidelines. Aims: To explore patients' experienceExpand
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Free radicals in brain metabolism and pathology.
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  • 1993
Reactive oxygen metabolites (ROM), namely superoxide and hydroxyl free radicals and hydrogen peroxide, are produced as a consequence of the physiological metabolic reactions and functioning of theExpand
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Prevalence and clinical implications of the inter-arm blood pressure difference: a systematic review
A blood pressure (BP) difference between arms was first reported over 100 years ago. Knowledge of its prevalence and relevance to the accurate measurement of BP remains poor. Current hypertensionExpand
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Achieving national service framework standards for cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention
Abstract Problem: Integrated care for patients who survive a myocardial infarction is lacking. Many patients are not offered cardiac rehabilitation, and secondary prevention is not optimal. Design:Expand
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