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Biblical Epics: Sacred Narrative in the Hollywood Cinema
Introduction - theorizing the biblical epic the old testament film - approaching the old testament epic "David and Bathsheba" the Christ film - the greatest story ever screened abide with me - De
New Slant on the EPR-Bell Experiment
The best case for thinking that quantum mechanics is nonlocal rests on Bell's Theorem, and later results of the same kind. However, the correlations characteristic of Einstein–Podolsky–Rosen
The Films of Luis Buñuel: Subjectivity and Desire
This is a major new study of the films of Luis Bunuel, surrealist scourge of the bourgeoisie and enduring influence on European cinema. Uniquely, the book offers an extended analysis of Bunuel's
Quantum Causal Models, Faithfulness, and Retrocausality
  • P. Evans
  • Philosophy
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 30 June 2015
Wood and Spekkens ([2015]) argue that any causal model explaining the EPRB correlations and satisfying the no-signalling constraint must also violate the assumption that the model faithfully
Perspectival objectivity
Brukner (2018) proposes a no-go theorem for observer-independent facts. A possible consequence of the theorem is that there can be no absolute facts about the world, only facts relative to an
The End of a Classical Ontology for Quantum Mechanics?
  • P. Evans
  • Philosophy
  • 24 December 2020
It is argued that the Shrapnel–Costa no-go theorem undermines the last remaining viability of the view that the fundamental ontology of quantum mechanics is essentially classical, and that accepting causal symmetry is more economical than rejecting a classical ontology.
Modern Spanish Culture
Retrocausality at no extra cost
A metaphysical picture consistent with the possibility of retrocausality and not precluded by the known physical structure of the authors' reality is assembled, which is built upon an existing model of agent deliberation that permits us to strike a harmony between their causal intuitions and the fixity of the block universe view.