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Habitat re‐creation strategies for promoting adaptation of species to climate change
Creation of new habitat could help species respond to climate change by facilitating range expansion in fragmented landscapes. However, there are currently no guidelines for deciding where newExpand
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The thio-adduct facilitated, enzymatic kinetic resolution of 4-hydroxycyclopentenone and 4-hydroxycyclohexenone.
The addition of 3,4-dimethoxybenzyl thiol 8, as a benzyl thiol surrogate, to racemic 4-hydroxycyclopent-2-enone 2 and 4-hydroxycyclohex-2-enone 15 gave the corresponding cis-adductsExpand
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The chemical modification of glycosaminoglycan structure by oxygen-derived species in vitro.
The effect of reactive oxygen species (ROS) on the chemical structure of glycosaminoglycans (GAG) was studied in order to consider their role in connective tissue damage during an inflammatoryExpand
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Reactions of some cyclopentenones with selected cysteine derivatives and biological activities of the product thioethers.
The conjugate addition reaction between glutathione, N-Boc-cysteine methyl ester, N-acetyl cysteine methyl ester and N-acetyl cysteine and several substituted cyclopentenones is described. TheExpand
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Synthesis of trans-vaccenic acid and cis-9-trans-11-conjugated linoleic acid
Abstract The preparation of the monounsaturated fatty acid, trans -vaccenic acid 4 (TVA), using both Wittig and one-pot Julia-Kocienski olefination protocol, was achieved in good yield. Similarly aExpand
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Asymmetric dihydroxylation of vinyl sulfones: routes to enantioenriched α-hydroxyaldehydes and the enantioselective syntheses of furan-2(5H)-ones
The asymmetric dihydroxylation of α,β-unsaturated sulfones under Sharpless conditions affords enantioenriched α-hydroxyaldehydes in a complex mixture of dimeric species. These mixtures undergoExpand
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The synthesis of a number of 3-alkyl and 3-carboxy substituted pyrroles; their chemical polymerisation onto poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes, and their use as gas sensitive resistors
Abstract A number of synthetic pathways to 1-phenylsulphonyl and 1-tosylsulphonyl pyrrole have been reviewed and repeated. Two novel methods of producing this pre-cursor to 3-substitutedExpand
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Synthesis, Characterisation, and Biological Studies of CdTe Quantum Dot–Naproxen Conjugates
The first naproxen–QD conjugates have been synthesised and investigated. These conjugates demonstrated interesting photophysical properties, good stability in an aggressive enzymatic medium, andExpand
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Cold agglutinin disease is a phenotypically distinct clonal B-cell disorder
e184 agents, our study shows that HBV reactivation in MM patients is not rare, and the time to reactivation differs in each case. An immunosuppressive state induced by novel agents and/or ASCTExpand
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Novel preparation of (−)-4-hydroxycyclohex-2-enone: reaction of 4-hydroxycyclohex-2-enone and 4-hydroxycyclopent-2-enone with some thiols
Abstract A new route to ( R )-4-hydroxycyclohex-2-enone from cyclohexanedione monoketal (27% yield) commences with reaction of the ketal with nitrosobenzene catalysed by l -proline.Expand
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