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The many faces of publish/subscribe
Well adapted to the loosely coupled nature of distributed interaction in large-scale applications, the publish/subscribe communication paradigm has recently received increasing attention. WithExpand
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Lightweight probabilistic broadcast
Gossip-based broadcast algorithms, a family of probabilistic broadcast algorithms, trade reliability guarantees against "scalability" properties. Scalability in this context has usually beenExpand
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Route driven gossip: probabilistic reliable multicast in ad hoc networks
Traditionally, reliable multicast protocols are deterministic in nature. It is precisely this determinism that tends to become their limiting factor when aiming at reliability and scalability,Expand
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PAN: providing reliable storage in mobile ad hoc networks with probabilistic quorum systems
Reliable storage of data with concurrent read/write accesses (or query/update) is an ever recurring issue in distributed settings. In mobile ad hoc networks, the problem becomes even more challengingExpand
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From Epidemics to Distributed Computing
Epidemic algorithms have been recently recognized as robust and scalable means to disseminate information in large-scale settings. Information is disseminated reliably in a distributed system theExpand
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DICTATE: DIstributed CerTification Authority with probabilisTic frEshness for ad hoc networks
Securing ad hoc networks is notoriously challenging, notably due to the lack of an online infrastructure. In particular, key management is a problem that has been addressed by many researchers butExpand
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Epidemic information dissemination in distributed systems
Easy to deploy, robust, and highly resilient to failures, epidemic algorithms are a potentially effective mechanism for propagating information in large peer-to-peer systems deployed on Internet orExpand
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NVthreads: Practical Persistence for Multi-threaded Applications
Non-volatile memory technologies, such as memristor and phase-change memory, will allow programs to persist data with regular memory instructions. Liberated from the overhead to serialize andExpand
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EventJava: An Extension of Java for Event Correlation
Event correlation has become the cornerstone of many reactive applications, particularly in distributed systems. However, support for programming with complex events is still rather specific andExpand
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Lightweight probabilistic broadcast
The growing interest in peer-to-peer applications has underlined the importance of scalability in modern distributed systems. Not surprisingly, much research effort has been invested in gossip-basedExpand
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