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Micromachined electrodes for biopotential measurements
We describe the microfabrication, packaging and testing of a micromachined dry biopotential electrode, (i.e., where electrolytic gel is not required). It consists of an array of micro-dimensioned,Expand
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Micromachined flat-walled valveless diffuser pumps
The first valveless diffuser pump fabricated using the latest technology in deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) is presented. The pump was fabricated in a two-mask micromachining process in a siliconExpand
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A high-stroke, high-pressure electrostatic actuator for valve applications
This paper presents a novel large-stroke electrostatic valve actuator for high-pressure applications. The combination of pressure balancing and flexible electrode structures ensures large flow gapsExpand
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A micro direct methanol fuel cell demonstrator
The demand for compact power sources with high energy density is increasing. A direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) is a renewable energy source which works at near room temperature, and allows forExpand
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Micromachined flow-through filter-chamber for chemical reactions on beads
A new flow-through micromachined device for chemical reactions on beads has been designed, manufactured, and characterized. The device has an uncomplicated planar design and microfabrication procesExpand
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Solidification of 3D Printed Nanofibril Hydrogels into Functional 3D Cellulose Structures
Cellulose nanofibrils isolated from trees have the potential to be used as raw material for future sustainable products within the areas of packaging, textiles, biomedical devices, and furniture.Expand
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A silicon resonant sensor structure for Coriolis mass-flow measurements
We present the first mass-flow sensor in silicon, based on the Coriolis-force principle. The sensor consists of a double-loop tube resonator structure with a size of only 9/spl times/18/spl times/1Expand
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MEMS Sensor for In Situ TEM Atomic Force Microscopy
Here, we present a MEMS atomic force microscope sensor for use inside a transmission electron microscope (TEM). This enables direct in situ TEM force measurements in the nanonewton range and thusExpand
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Tailor-made conductive inks from cellulose nanofibrils for 3D printing of neural guidelines.
Neural tissue engineering (TE), an innovative biomedical method of brain study, is very dependent on scaffolds that support cell development into a functional tissue. Recently, 3D patterned scaffoldsExpand
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