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The Wage Penalty for Motherhood
Motherhood is associated with lower hourly pay, but the causes of this are not well understood. Mothers may earn less than other women because having children causes them to (1) lose job experience,Expand
When Does Gender Trump Money? Bargaining and Time in Household Work1
Using data from Australia and the United States, the authors explore the effect of spouses’ contribution to family income on how housework is divided. Consistent with exchange‐bargaining theory,Expand
The Gender Revolution
In this article, the author describes sweeping changes in the gender system and offers explanations for why change has been uneven. Because the devaluation of activities done by women has changedExpand
Emerging Theories of Care Work
Care work is done in the home as well as in markets for pay. Five theoretical frameworks have been developed to conceptualize care work; the frameworks sometimes offer competing answers to the sameExpand
Wages of Virtue: The Relative Pay of Care Work
We examine the relative pay of occupations involving care, such as teaching, counseling, providing health services, or supervising children. We use panel data from the National Longitudinal Survey ofExpand
Gender Inequality in Labor Markets: The Role of Motherhood and Segregation
This article provides an overview of gender inequality in labor markets in the United States. I show trends in labor force participation, occupational segregation, and the pay gap. Though my mainExpand
Returns to Skill, Compensating Differentials, and Gender Bias: Effects of Occupational Characteristics on the Wages of White Women and Men
A regression model with fixed-effects and national individual-level panel0 data (1966-81) is used to decompose the sex gap in pay. In accordance with neoclassical predictions from human capitalExpand
Accounting for Women’s Orgasm and Sexual Enjoyment in College Hookups and Relationships
This article investigates the determinants of orgasm and sexual enjoyment in hookup and relationship sex among heterosexual college women and seeks to explain why relationship sex is better for womenExpand
Comparable Worth: Theories and Evidence.
This volume provides a detailed description of the situation of women in employment in the early 1990s and considers how sociological and economic theories of labor markets illuminate the gap in payExpand