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Notes on Epipactis condensata, E. rechingeri and E. purpurata (Orchidaceae) in the Caucasus and Crimea
Abstract Efimov, P.: Notes on Epipactis condensata, E. rechingeri and E. purpurata (Orchidaceae) in the Caucasus and Crimea. — Willdenowia 38: 71–80. — ISSN 0511-9618; © 2008 BGBM Berlin-Dahlem.
Minority cytotypes in European populations of the Gymnadenia conopsea complex (Orchidaceae) greatly increase intraspecific and intrapopulation diversity.
Overall, it is likely that the level of ploidy heterogeneity experienced by most plant species/populations is currently underestimated; intensive sampling is necessary to obtain a holistic picture.
Neolindleya Kraenzl. (Orchidaceae), an enigmatic and largely overlooked autogamous genus from temperate East Asia
The results, based partly on SEM studies, reinforce the validity of Neolindleya as a genus, indicate a closer relationship with Galearis s.l. than with Platanthera s.
The description and molecular phylogenetic position of a new conifer-associated mite, Setoptus tsugivagus n. sp. (Eriophyoidea, Phytoptidae, Nalepellinae)
Molecular phylogenetic analyses of D2 28S rDNA sequences of the mites of the subfamily Nalepellinae confirmed monophyly of the tribe Nalpellini and retrieved Setoptus and Nalepella as polyphyletic.
Supplementary descriptions and DNA barcodes of two rarely encountered Trisetacus species (Eriophyoidea, Phytoptidae) associated with Tertiary relict conifers from the Mediterranean region
The evolution of Trisetacus is discussed within the broader context of the molecular phylogenies of Pinaceae and Eriophyoidea, including estimations of divergence times.
New records of noteworthy vascular plants from Leningrad Region
The article includes information about new localities of protected species of vascular plants, which are included into Red Data Book of Leningrad Region. The majority of the findings were done within
New Records of Liparis kumokiri Group (Orchidaceae) in Eurasia Suggest Its Recent Dispersal from East Asia
Abstract The article describes a new case of long-distance dispersal in vascular plants. The reported plant belongs to a group of closely related taxa from East Asia, here referred to as ‘ kumokiri
[Sibling species of rein orchid (Gymnadenia:Orchidaceae, Magnoliophyta) in Russia].
The Russian specimens have confirmed a high degree of genetic differentiation between G. densiflora and G. conopsea, which proves their taxonomic status rank of species, and different taxonomic interpretations of the Gymnadenia phylogenetic tree topology taking into account the presence sibling species are discussed in general.