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Sampling probes enhance remote chemical analyses
multiple fibres optimize off-line fiberoptic sensor performance for absorption, reflectance, and Raman spectroscopy.
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Online fiber-optic spectrophotometry
To improve the timeliness of chemical information and reduce the potential for personnel radiation exposure, the Savannah River Laboratory has developed online absorption spectrophotometers.Expand
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Remote online process measurements by a fiber optic diode array spectrometer
The development of remote online monitors for radioactive process streams is an active research area at the Savannah River Laboratory (SRL). A remote offline spectrophotometric measurement system hasExpand
Nuclear material control and accounting by process simulation with smalltalk
Smalltalk, an object oriented computer language, enables programmers to build data structures and code which explicitly reflect the structure and working of a facility in an easily understoodExpand
Online analytical systems for the uranium solidification facility at SRS
A new Uranium Solidification Facility (USF) is scheduled for completion in the latter part of 1990. This facility will convert liquid uranyl nitrate product from the Savannah River Site reactorExpand
Chemometrics/on-line measurements
The possible future of on-line analytical-quality measurements for improved process control and more timely safeguards measurements is examined in the light of a current project at Savannah River. AExpand
Material control and accountability by process simulation with small talk
A demonstration material control and accounting (MCandA) system has been written in Smalltalk for the IBM PC-XT computer using the methods environment from Digitalk, Inc. The system is designed toExpand
Software for instrument control at the Savannah River site
Diode Array Spectrophotometry (DAS) is used extensively at the Savannah River Site. The instruments are operated both in the laboratory and on-line at actual site processes. This requires thatExpand
Online analysis by a fiber-optic diode array spectrophotometer
An online photometric analyzer has been developed which can make remote measurements over the 350 to 900 nm region at distances of up to 100 feet. The analyzer consists of a commercially availableExpand