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Do background images improve "draw a secret" graphical passwords?
Draw a secret (DAS) is a representative graphical password scheme. Rigorous theoretical analysis suggests that DAS supports an overall password space larger than that of the ubiquitous textualExpand
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A First Look at Identity Management Schemes on the Blockchain
The emergence of distributed ledger technology (DLT) based on a blockchain data structure has given rise to new approaches to identity management that aim to upend dominant approaches to providingExpand
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Multi-touch authentication on tabletops
The introduction of tabletop interfaces has given rise to the need for the development of secure and usable authentication techniques that are appropriate for the co-located collaborative settingsExpand
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Patterns in the wild: a field study of the usability of pattern and pin-based authentication on mobile devices
Graphical password systems based upon the recall and reproduction of visual patterns (e.g. as seen on the Google Android platform) are assumed to have desirable usability and memorability properties.Expand
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Questionable concepts: critique as resource for designing with eighty somethings
This paper reports findings from a series of participatory design workshops with ten people over eighty years old. The focus of the workshops was new banking technologies for the older old.Expand
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PosterVote: expanding the action repertoire for local political activism
Online and digital technologies support and extend the action repertoires of localized social movements. In this paper we examine the ways by which digital technologies can support "on-the-ground"Expand
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A closer look at recognition-based graphical passwords on mobile devices
Graphical password systems based on the recognition of photographs are candidates to alleviate current over-reliance on alphanumeric passwords and PINs. However, despite being based on a simpleExpand
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Pay or delay: the role of technology when managing a low income
This paper reports on a qualitative study of 38 low-income individuals living in the North East of England. The participants' experiences of money, banking and the role digital technology plays inExpand
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Graphical passwords & qualitative spatial relations
A potential drawback of graphical password schemes is that they are more vulnerable to shoulder surfing than conventional alphanumeric text passwords. We present a variation of the Draw-a-SecretExpand
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Cheque mates: participatory design of digital payments with eighty somethings
This paper describes a project exploring the design of digital payment services in collaboration with 16 people aged over 80. Many older people find cheques valuable as a means of payment but the UKExpand
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