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The San Dimas experimental forest: 50 years of research
The San Dimas Experimental Forest serves as a field laboratory for studies of chaparral and related ecosystems, and has been recognized by national and international organizations. It covers 6,945 haExpand
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Cheilosia corydon (Diptera: Syrphidae), a Candidate for the Biological Control of Musk Thistle in North America
In Italy, larvae of the syrphid fly, Cheilosia corydon (Harris) (=grossa Fallen), infest the flower buds, stems, and roots of Carduus nutans L. and C. pycnocephalus L. (Compositae), both seriousExpand
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Soil moisture affects survival of microorganisms in heated chaparral soil
Abstract Prescribed burning, the planned application of fire to reduce the hazards of wildland fuels, is coming into wider use in southern California chaparral. Soil was heated to variousExpand
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The distribution of leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula) and other weedy Euphorbia spp. in the United States
A survey was made in the United States to determine the extent of the infestations of leafy spurge ( Euphorbia esula L.) and other weeds of economic importance in the Euphorbiaceae. FromExpand
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Origins of leafy spurge in North America
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Fungus Communities Associated with Leaf Surfaces of Endemic Vascular Plants in Hawaii
SUMMARYThree vascular plants endemic in native forests of the Hawaiian Islands were assessed for their phylloplane fungal communities. The taxa comprising the populations of the three communities a...
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Litter Decomposition Across an Air-Pollution Gradient in the San Bernardino Mountains
Although N deposition rates have not been deterAir pollution may affect forest ecosystems by altering nutrient cycling rates. The objective of this study was to compare decomposition rates of L-layerExpand
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Biological control of leafy spurge in North America
PETER HARRIS, PAUL H. DUNN, DIETER SCHROEDER, and RONALD VONMOOS 1Research Scientist, Agriculture Canada, Box 440, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada S4P 3A2; 2Research Entomologist, USDA/BiologicalExpand
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Identification of human T cell leukemia virus in a Japanese patient with adult T cell leukemia and cutaneous lymphomatous vasculitis.
We have identified a Japanese patient with adult T-cell leukemia (ATL) whose T cells in vitro produced the human T-cell leukemia virus (HTLV). This patient presented with lymphomatous arthritis andExpand
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