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Development of a Rapid and Sensitive Test for Identification of Major Pathogens in Bovine Mastitis by PCR
ABSTRACT Bovine mastitis is the most important source of loss for the dairy industry. A rapid and specific test for the detection of the main pathogens of bovine mastitis is not actually available.Expand
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Risk factors and impacts of clinical and subclinical mastitis in commercial meat-producing sheep flocks in Quebec, Canada.
We conducted a prospective observational study on clinical and subclinical mastitis in 30 commercial meat-producing sheep flocks from 2 regions of the province of Quebec, Canada. A total of 2,792Expand
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Intestinal disappearance and mesenteric and portal appearance of amino acids in dairy cows fed ruminally protected methionine.
An experiment was conducted to compare the rates of disappearance of amino acids (AA) from the small intestine and their net appearance in the blood draining only the small intestineExpand
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Long‐chain omega‐3 fatty acids regulate bovine whole‐body protein metabolism by promoting muscle insulin signalling to the Akt–mTOR–S6K1 pathway and insulin sensitivity
The ability of the skeletal musculature to use amino acids to build or renew constitutive proteins is gradually lost with age and this is partly due to a decline in skeletal muscle insulinExpand
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The route of absorbed nitrogen into milk protein
A database reviewing the metabolism of nitrogen (N) compounds from absorption to milk has been compiled from 14 published and unpublished studies (33 treatments) that measured the net flux of NExpand
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Effect of level of metabolizable protein on splanchnic flux of amino acids in lactating dairy cows.
The response of splanchnic tissue metabolism to different levels of metabolizable protein (MP) was measured in 6 catheterized multiparous lactating Holstein cows. Three diets, balanced to provideExpand
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Prevalence of and carcass condemnation from maedi-visna, paratuberculosis and caseous lymphadenitis in culled sheep from Quebec, Canada.
We determined the prevalence of lung and mammary gland lesions associated with maedi-visna (MV) infection, the prevalence of paratuberculosis (PTB), and the prevalence and lesions distribution ofExpand
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A new PCR-based seroneutralization assay in cell culture for diagnosis of hepatitis E.
A new method for the serological diagnosis of hepatitis E virus (HEV) infection based on neutralization of the virus in cell culture was developed. The test involves a short incubation of the virusExpand
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Evaluation of Different Cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA PCR Protocols for Analysis of Dried Blood Spots from Consecutive Cases of Neonates with Congenital CMV Infections
ABSTRACT Two protocols for the extraction of cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA and two methods for the amplification of CMV DNA in dried blood spots were evaluated for the retrospective diagnosis ofExpand
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The effect of feed intake level on splanchnic metabolism in growing beef steers.
The effect of feed intake level (.6, 1.0, and 1.6 x maintenance energy and protein requirements, M) on splanchnic (portal-drained viscera [PDV] plus liver) metabolism was evaluated in sixExpand
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