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Partialling out the spatial component of ecological variation
A method is proposed to partition the variation of species abundance data into independent components: pure spatial, pure environmental, spatial component of environmental influence, andExpand
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In vivo recording from identifiable neurons of the locomotor network in the developing zebrafish
The zebrafish is a popular model for developmental studies due to its accessibility by cellular, molecular and genetic approaches. As a complement to these other methods, we have devised an exposedExpand
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Steps during the development of the zebrafish locomotor network
This review summarizes recent data from our lab concerning the development of motor activities in the developing zebrafish. The zebrafish is a leading model for studies of vertebrate developmentExpand
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Excess of de novo deleterious mutations in genes associated with glutamatergic systems in nonsyndromic intellectual disability.
Little is known about the genetics of nonsyndromic intellectual disability (NSID). We hypothesized that de novo mutations (DNMs) in synaptic genes explain an important fraction of sporadic NSIDExpand
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Mutations in SYNGAP1 in autosomal nonsyndromic mental retardation.
Although autosomal forms of nonsyndromic mental retardation account for the majority of cases of mental retardation, the genes that are involved remain largely unknown. We sequenced the autosomalExpand
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Structural development following fire in black spruce boreal forest
We investigated stand development along a chronosequence on organic, clay and sand sites in black spruce boreal forest in northwestern Quebec, Canada. Our objectives were: (1) to describe trends andExpand
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Manganese fluxes and manganese‐dependent neurotransmitter release in presynaptic nerve endings isolated from rat brain.
The uptake and efflux of 54Mn and 45Ca, and the release of dopamine (DA) were measured in pinched‐off presynaptic nerve endings (synaptosomes) isolated from rat brain. The uptake of Mn and Ca wasExpand
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The regulation of cytosolic pH in isolated presynaptic nerve terminals from rat brain
Cytosolic pH (pHi) was measured in presynaptic nerve terminals isolated from rat brain (synaptosomes) using a fluorescent pH indicator, 2',7'- bis(carboxyethyl)-5,6-carboxyfluorescein (BCECF). TheExpand
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Snag degradation pathways of four North American boreal tree species
Many studies have highlighted the importance of deadwood, whether standing (snags) or fallen, in boreal ecosystems dynamics. However, a dearth of literature exists regarding the persistence andExpand
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Identification and characterization of novel rare mutations in the planar cell polarity gene PRICKLE1 in human neural tube defects
The planar cell polarity (PCP) pathway controls the process of convergent extension (CE) during gastrulation and neural tube closure, and has been implicated in the pathogenesis of neural tubeExpand
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