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Robust pole assignment in linear state feedback
Numerical methods are described for determining robust, or well-conditioned, solutions to the problem of pole assignment by state feedback. The solutions obtained are such that the sensitivity of theExpand
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The Computation of Kronecker's Canonical Form of a Singular Pencil
We develop stable algorithms for the computation of the Kronecker structure of an arbitrary pencil. This problem can be viewed as a generalization of the wellknown eigenvalue problem of pencils ofExpand
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Robust stability and stabilization for singular systems with state delay and parameter uncertainty
Considers the problems of robust stability and stabilization for uncertain continuous singular systems with state delay. Expand
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A Measure of Similarity between Graph Vertices: Applications to Synonym Extraction and Web Searching
We introduce a concept of {similarity} between vertices of directed graphs. Expand
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The generalized eigenstructure problem in linear system theory
The algebraic theory of linear time-invariant systems has been studied in large detail during the past few decades and numerous computational algorithms have been developed to solve problems arisingExpand
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Least squares support vector machine classifiers: a large scale algorithm
In this paper we present an iterative training algorithm for LS-SVM's which is based on a conjugate gradient method. Expand
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A collection of benchmark examples for model reduction of linear time invariant dynamical systems.
In order to test the numerical methods for model reduction we present here a benchmark collection, which contain some useful real world examples reflecting current problems in applications. Expand
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Geographical dispersal of mobile communication networks
In this paper, we analyze statistical properties of a communication network constructed from the records of a mobile phone company. Expand
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A Generalized Eigenvalue Approach for Solving Riccati Equations
A numerically stable algorithm is derived to compute orthonormal bases for any deflating subspace of a regular pencil $\lambda B - A$. The method is based on an update of the $QZ$-algorithm, in orderExpand
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Exploring the Mobility of Mobile Phone Users
We explore the connections between various features of human behavior extracted from a large mobile phone dataset. Expand
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