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Agricultural intensification and the collapse of Europe's farmland bird populations
The results suggest that recent trends in agriculture have had deleterious and measurable effects on bird populations on a continental scale and predict that the introduction of EU agricultural policies into former communist countries hoping to accede to the EU in the near future will result in significant declines in the important bird populations there.
How will oil palm expansion affect biodiversity?
Adult sex ratios in wild bird populations
There is currently no quantitative evidence that an ASR of one male to one female represents the norm in birds, and estimates of ASR in wild bird populations may be subject to a number of biases, which are discussed.
Biodiversity Impacts of Some Agricultural Commodity Production Systems
  • P. Donald
  • Environmental Science
  • 1 February 2004
Despite centuries of urbanization and industrialization, around half of the world’s people still live as subsistence or small-scale farmers. The production of agricultural export commodities
Local Participation in Natural Resource Monitoring: a Characterization of Approaches
A typology of monitoring categories, defined by their degree of local participation, is suggested, ranging from no local involvement with monitoring undertaken by professional researchers to an entirely local effort with monitoring undertook by local people, to help develop a protocol for monitoring in developing countries.
Biofuel Plantations on Forested Lands: Double Jeopardy for Biodiversity and Climate
Reducing deforestation is likely to represent a more effective climate-change mitigation strategy than converting forest for biofuel production, and it may help nations meet their international commitments to reduce biodiversity loss.
Financial Costs of Meeting Global Biodiversity Conservation Targets: Current Spending and Unmet Needs
The financial costs for two of the targets relating to protected areas and preventing extinctions are estimated, using data from birds to develop models that can be extrapolated to the costs for biodiversity more broadly.