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Agricultural intensification and the collapse of Europe's farmland bird populations
The populations of farmland birds in Europe declined markedly during the last quarter of the 20th century, representing a severe threat to biodiversity. Here, we assess whether declines in theExpand
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How will oil palm expansion affect biodiversity?
Oil palm is one of the world's most rapidly increasing crops. We assess its contribution to tropical deforestation and review its biodiversity value. Oil palm has replaced large areas of forest inExpand
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Adult sex ratios in wild bird populations
Offspring sex ratios in wild bird populations, and the extent to which they vary from the equality expected by random genotypic sex determination, have received much recent attention. Adult sexExpand
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Long-term population declines in Afro-Palearctic migrant birds
Abstract We present the first continent-wide analysis of the population trends of European breeding birds to show that populations of Afro-Palearctic migrant birds have shown a pattern of sustained,Expand
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Biodiversity Impacts of Some Agricultural Commodity Production Systems
Despite centuries of urbanization and industrialization, around half of the world’s people still live as subsistence or small-scale farmers. The production of agricultural export commoditiesExpand
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The Common Agricultural Policy, EU enlargement and the conservation of Europe's farmland birds
The populations of many species of farmland bird declined greatly across Europe during the last quarter of the twentieth century, indicating severe damage to the continent's biodiversity. RecentExpand
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Local participation in natural resource monitoring: a characterization of approaches.
The monitoring of trends in the status of species or habitats is routine in developed countries, where it is funded by the state or large nongovernmental organizations and often involves largeExpand
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Biofuel plantations on forested lands: double jeopardy for biodiversity and climate.
The growing demand for biofuels is promoting the expansion of a number of agricultural commodities, including oil palm (Elaeis guineensis). Oil-palm plantations cover over 13 million ha, primarily inExpand
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Further evidence of continent-wide impacts of agricultural intensification on European farmland birds, 1990–2000
Between 1990 and 2000, farmland birds showed a significant decline across Europe, a trend not shared by bird assemblages of other habitats over the same period. Mean trends for each farmland speciesExpand
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Financial Costs of Meeting Global Biodiversity Conservation Targets: Current Spending and Unmet Needs
Costs of Conservation In 2010, world governments agreed to a strategic plan for biodiversity conservation, including 20 targets to be met by 2020, through the Convention on Biological Diversity.Expand
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