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Phase separation in binary mixtures of active and passive particles.
This work studies binary mixtures of small active and big passive athermal particles interacting via soft repulsive forces on a frictional substrate and presents a phase diagram in the plane defined by the size ratio and volume fraction of passive particles.
Large deviation statistics of non-equilibrium fluctuations in a sheared model-fluid
We analyse the statistics of the shear stress in a one dimensional \emph{model fluid}, that exhibits a rich phase behaviour akin to real complex fluids under shear. We show that the energy flux
Universal scaling in active single-file dynamics.
A universal scaling behavior in the single-file dynamics of interacting active particles is revealed, including multiple peaks that are reminiscent of particle clustering induced by effective attractive interactions, while the dynamical variant shows non-diffusive scaling.
Universal spatiotemporal scaling of distortions in a drifting lattice.
It is predicted that a colloidal crystal drifting in a constant electric field is linearly stable against distortions and the distortions propagate as underdamped waves.
Single-molecule imaging of cytoplasmic dynein in cellulo reveals the mechanism of motor activation and cargo capture
It is demonstrated that dynein activation and cargo capture are coupled in a step that relies on the reduction of dimensionality to enable minus end-directed transport in cellulo, and that complex cargo behaviour emerges from stochastic motor-cargo interactions.
Inducing a bound state between active particles.
We show that two active particles can form a bound state by coupling to a driven nonequilibrium environment. We specifically investigate the case of two mutually noninteracting run-and-tumble probes
Harnessing confinement and driving to tune active particle dynamics
A distinguishing feature of active particles is the nature of the non-equilibrium noise driving their dynamics. Control of these noise properties is, therefore, of both fundamental and applied
Kardar-Parisi-Zhang universality in a two-component driven diffusive model
We elucidate the universal spatio-temporal scaling properties of the timedependent correlation functions in a two-component one-dimensional (1D) driven diffusive system that consists of two coupled