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Basic Biology and Host Use Patterns of Tephritid Flies (Phytalmiinae: Acanthonevrini, Dacinae: Gastrozonini) Breeding in Bamboo (Poaceae: Bambusoidea)
While larvae of some bamboo tephritids destroyed thin bamboo shoots or branches, most acted as secondary pests and did not cause substantial economic losses.
Biology of the Oriental bamboo-inhabiting fly Felderimyia gombakensis and observations on mating trophallaxis in Felderimyia (Insecta, Diptera, Tephritidae, Phytalmiinae, Acanthonevrini).
During courtship males of all Felderimyia species produce a nuptial gift made of a white viscous secretion, which is deposited on the surface of a bamboo culm and eaten by the female prior to, during and often also after copulation.
New Parasitoid (Hymenoptera) Records for Bamboo-Shoot Flies (Tephritidae: Phytalmiinae and Dacinae)
New records of parasitoids (Hymenoptera) attacking bamboo fly larvae in Malaysia are provided, with at least 7 parasitoid species from 4 families emerged from bamboo fly puparia.