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Algebraic algorithms for sampling from conditional distributions
We construct Markov chain algorithms for sampling from discrete exponential families conditional on a sufficient statistic. Examples include contingency tables, logistic regression, and spectralExpand
Geometric Bounds for Eigenvalues of Markov Chains
We develop bounds for the second largest eigenvalue and spectral gap of a reversible Markov chain. The bounds depend on geometric quantities such as the maximum degree, diameter and covering numberExpand
Iterated Random Functions
Survey of iterated random functions offers a method for studying the steady state distribution of a Markov chain, and presents useful bounds on rates of convergence in a variety of examples. Expand
Supercharacters and superclasses for algebra groups
We study certain sums of irreducible characters and compatible unions of conjugacy classes in finite algebra groups. These groups generalize the unimodular upper triangular groups over a finiteExpand
On the consistency of Bayes estimates
On etudie les proprietes de frequence des regles de Bayes avec une attention particuliere a la consistence
Fastest Mixing Markov Chain on a Graph
The Lagrange dual of the fastest mixing Markov chain problem is derived, which gives a sophisticated method for obtaining (arbitrarily good) bounds on the optimal mixing rate, as well as the optimality conditions. Expand
Trailing the Dovetail Shuffle to its Lair
We analyze the most commonly used method for shuffling cards. The main result is a simple expression for the chance of any arrangement after any number of shuffles. This is used to give sharp boundsExpand