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Microwave-assisted one-pot synthesis of benzothiazole and benzoxazole libraries as analgesic agents
AbstractMicrowave-assisted synthesis of benzothiazole and benzoxazole libraries via PIFA promoted cyclocondensation of 2-aminothiophenols/2-aminophenols with aldehydes under one-pot condition in goodExpand
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Solvent-free implementation of two dissimilar reactions using recyclable CuO nanoparticles under ball-milling conditions: synthesis of new oxindole-triazole pharmacophores
Herein, synthesis of new hybrid pharmocophores by merging Baylis–Hillman and click chemistry under ball-milling conditions was accomplished. The substrate scope of the reaction was broadened toExpand
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Synthesis, antimicrobial and antioxidant evaluation of quinolines and bis(indolyl)methanes.
An improved and practical synthesis of substituted quinolines and bis(indolyl)methanes was achieved under microwave condition using Zn(OTf)(2) as catalyst. The synthesized compounds have beenExpand
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Zn(OTf)2-catalysed indolylation and pyrrolylation of isatins: Efficient synthesis and biochemical assay of 3,3-di(heteroaryl)oxindoles
AbstractAn efficient and cheap synthetic approach to 3,3-di(indolyl)oxindoles and 3,3-di(pyrrolyl)oxindoles has been developed via Zn(OTf)2 catalysed indolylation and pyrrolylation of isatins. AExpand
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Super acid catalysed sequential hydrolysis/cycloisomerization of o-(acetylenic)benzamides under microwave condition: Synthesis, antinociceptive and antiinflammatory activity of substituted
AbstractSynthesis of isocoumarins and related compounds via triflic acid promoted hydrolysis/cyclization sequence of 2-(alkynyl)benzamides under microwave condition was achieved. The substrate scopeExpand
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Solvent and catalyst free route to 3-indolyl glycoconjugates: synthesis of sugar tethered isoxazolines and isoxazoles from 3-indolyl nitroalkanes
An expedient, solvent and catalyst free strategy for the synthesis of sugar based bis(indolyl)methanes and indolyl nitroalkanes has been developed. The protocol works well within a wide range ofExpand
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Synthesis, Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Evaluation of Quinolines and Bis(indolyl)methanes.
All synthesized compounds of type (III) exhibit good antimicrobial activities with (IIIe) being more active than the standard bis(indoyl)methanes (VIc) and (VId) show better activity than theExpand