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Concrete made from ceramic industry waste: Durability properties
Abstract Concrete which contains waste products as aggregate is called ‘Green’ concrete. Use of hazardous waste in concrete-making will lead to green environment and sustainable concrete technologyExpand
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Concrete with ceramic waste aggregate
Use of hazardous industrial wastes in concrete-making will lead to greener environment. In ceramic industry about 30% production goes as waste, which is not recycled at present. In this study anExpand
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A survey of patient satisfaction with use of microwave device for axillary hyperhidrosis
Axillary hyperhidrosis is a common and socially disabling problem. It is known to have a severe impact on relationships, leisure activities, emotional well-being, work, productivity and self-esteem.Expand
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Investigations on the Static Behavior of Self-Compacting Concrete Under-Reamed Piles
Self-compacting concrete (SCC), a recent development, eliminates the need for internal or external vibration, as it freely flows in and around dense reinforcement and fills the mold completelyExpand
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Diffusion characteristics of OPC concrete of various grades under accelerated test conditions
Abstract Concrete durability mainly depends on the diffusion characteristics of concrete. Chloride ion diffusion is one of the main parameters affecting the durability of Reinforced ConcreteExpand
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SCC for under-reamed piles
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Experimental behaviour of eccentrically loaded slender circular hollow steel columns in-filled with fibre reinforced concrete
Abstract This paper is based on the experimental study of twelve slender steel tubular columns of circular sections filled with both plain and fibre reinforced concrete. The specimens were testedExpand
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Studies on Proportioning of Self-Compacting Concrete and Evaluation of its Strength and Durability Related Characterisitics
This paper describes how Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC) has high deformability and passes freely through congested reinforcement. Therefore, compaction occurs without any vibration and segregation.Expand
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