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Comparison of Nutritional Quality of the Vegan, Vegetarian, Semi-Vegetarian, Pesco-Vegetarian and Omnivorous Diet
The number of studies comparing nutritional quality of restrictive diets is limited. Data on vegan subjects are especially lacking. It was the aim of the present study to compare the quality and theExpand
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Estimation of daily human intake of food flavonoids
The daily intake of food flavonoids was determined using a semiquantitative food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) and a 4-day food record (4DFR) in a group of 45 female Flemish dietitians. The subjectsExpand
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Relationship of obesity with physical activity, aerobic fitness and muscle strength in Flemish adults.
AIM The aim of this study was to analyse differences in physical activity, cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) and muscle strength between normal weight, overweight and obese adults and to investigateExpand
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Health aspects, nutrition and physical characteristics in matched samples of institutionalized vegetarian and non-vegetarian elderly (> 65yrs)
BackgroundEpidemiological studies indicate that a well balanced vegetarian diet offers several health benefits including a lower prevalence of prosperity diseases in vegetarians compared toExpand
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Cross-sectional analysis of BMI and some lifestyle variables in Flemish vegetarians compared with non-vegetarians
Epidemiological studies on vegetarians indicate that appropriately planned vegetarian diets are associated with certain health benefits, which may lower mortality and morbidity. A healthy lifestyle,Expand
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Socio-economic and lifestyle factors associated with overweight in Flemish adult men and women
BackgroundChanges in lifestyles and in the environment over the last decades are probably the most important cause of the overweight epidemic, but the findings are inconsistent among studies. TheExpand
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Dietary pattern analysis: a comparison between matched vegetarian and omnivorous subjects
BackgroundDietary pattern analysis, based on the concept that foods eaten together are as important as a reductive methodology characterized by a single food or nutrient analysis, has emerged as anExpand
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Nutrient Based Estimation of Acid-Base Balance in Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians
A first objective of the present study was to estimate the acid-base balance of the food intake in vegetarians and non-vegetarians. A second objective was to evaluate if additional input of specificExpand
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Dietary Acid-Base Balance in Adolescent Sprint Athletes: A Follow-up Study
Sprinters are advised to include additional protein sources in their diet. Basal metabolism and vigorous physical activities generate hydrogen ions that need to be buffered. The present follow-upExpand
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Influence of weight reduction on physical performance capacity in judokas
Summary Introduction. Physical performance capacity in judokas was investigated before and after weight reduction. Material and methods. Twenty-two judokas volunteered to take part in the experimentExpand
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