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Disposition and metabolism of acetylcholinesterase reactivators 2PAM-I, TMB4 and R665 in rats submitted to organophosphate poisoning.
Despite the high concentration of 2PAM-I and R665 in liver, these oximes are not metabolized, and Chromatography of urine and plasma showed only unchanged 2Pam-I, TMB4 andR665 in both healthy and poisoned animals. Expand
Genotoxic activities of 2-nitronaphthofurans and related molecules.
The genotoxic activities of 63, 2-nitronaphthofurans and related molecules were examined using two bacterial short-term tests, the Salmonella mammalian microsome assay test or Mutatest, a mutagenesisExpand
Methionine deprivation and methionine analogs inhibit cell proliferation and growth of human xenografted gliomas.
Experimental induced MET deprivation and MET-analog treatment retarded the growth of human gliomas and combination of MET- analog therapy with MET substitution by HCY enhanced their respective effects. Expand
Synthesis and some CNS activities of new benzofuranylacryloylpiperazines
Summary A series of novel benzofuranylacryloylpiperazines, which are structurally related to both cinnamamide derivatives and befuraline, have been prepared as their hydrochlorides. TheirExpand
Synthesis and 13C, 15N NMR study of a new functionalized pyrido[2,3‐b]indole derivative
New functionalized α-carbolinones especially the 4-hydroxy-3-nitro-1H,9H-pyrido[2,3-b]indol-2-one were synthesized in a good yield, three-step reaction. A complete 13C, 15N nmr study of thisExpand
Peroxidation of Nucleic Acids by Radiation: Biological Implications
S>Radioperoxidation is an efficient process on nucleic acids in aerated water solution. At the level of the pyrimidines, it accounts for the bulk of the reaction induced by ionizing radiation. In theExpand
Macrofilaricidal activity of metabolites of diethylcarbamazine.
In the rodent and in man, the antifilarial action of DEC is swift and of short duration, but in some human filariasis i.e. loaiasis, lymphatic filARIasis, the spectrum of DEC activities extends to adult filaria. Expand
Disposition and metabolism of two acetylcholinesterase reactivators, pyrimidoxime and HI6, in rats submitted to organophosphate poisoning.
Chromatography of urine and plasma showed only unchanged pyrimidoxime in both healthy and poisoned animals, and HI6 in plasma and urine was strongly degraded by scission of the quaternary ammonium bond, and formation of 2-pyridine aldoxime. Expand
Genotoxic activity of two furan analogues of benzo[a]pyrene and their 2-nitro derivatives.
The responses to the two pyrenofurans were increased in the presence of an "activating mixture" but were still lower than that to benzo[a]pyrene and pyreno[1,2-b]furan (R7490), and compounds with the oxygen heteroatom within the "bay region" gave lower responses than their isomeric furan analogues outside the "Bay region". Expand