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The Ethical Foundations of Responsible Investment
In the area of investment, responsibility may be expressed via four types of ethical concern: value-based ethics resulting in the exclusion of so-called "vicious" companies from the investmentExpand
The Incompleteness of the Economy and Business: A Forceful Reminder
Many different but related arguments developed in the Caritas in Veritate converge on one central, yet not clearly stated, conclusion or thesis: economic and business activities are ‘incomplete’.Expand
Resumen en: The paper starts by presenting the empirical evidence on to the economic performance of largest among the stock exchange listed firms, named in this pape...
Encyclical Letter "Caritas in Veritate": An Economist's Reading
On the 29 of June 2009, the Pope Benedict XVIth published Caritas in Veritate, his third encyclical letter. It was addressed to the clergy but also to “lay faithful and all people of good will”. InExpand
Towards the break‐up of money: when reality – driven by information technology – overtakes Simmel’s vision
Georg Simmel reached the conclusion that evolution drives money towards an ever‐higher level of functionality while, at the same time reducing its importance as a substance. This article confrontsExpand
From Cracks in the Liberal Edifice to the Rediscovery of the Common Good
The collapse of communism caught the world unaware, though the causes underlying this implosion had been at work for several decades. The system fell like a house of cards because of a congenitalExpand
Ethical Issues in Financial Activities
The financial sector likes to call itself a "service industry". As such, its role is to guarantee the fluidity of transactions which are essential to economic activity by ensuring the best possibleExpand