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Y 2 Isochrones with an Improved Core Overshoot Treatment
Convective core overshoot affects stellar evolution rates and the dating of stellar populations. In this paper, we provide a patch to the Y2 isochrones with an improved treatment of convective coreExpand
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Toward Better Age Estimates for Stellar Populations: The Y2 Isochrones for Solar Mixture
We have constructed a new set of isochrones, called the Y2 Isochrones, that represent an update of the Revised Yale Isochrones (RYI), using improved opacities and equations of state. Helium diffusionExpand
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The YY Isochrones for alpha-element Enhanced Mixtures
We present a new set of isochrones in which the effect of the alpha-element enhancement is fully incorporated. These isochrones are an extension of the already published set of YY Isochrones (Yi etExpand
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The Current State of Solar Modeling
Data from the Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG) project and other helioseismic experiments provide a test for models of stellar interiors and for the thermodynamic and radiative properties, onExpand
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NGC 6791: An Exotic Open Cluster or the Nucleus of a Tidally Disrupted Galaxy?
We report on high-resolution echelle spectroscopy of 20 giant stars in the Galactic old open cluster NGC 6791, obtained with Hydra at the WIYN telescope. High-precision radial velocity allows us toExpand
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The Y2 Stellar Evolutionary Tracks
We present a database of the latest stellar models of the Y2 (Yonsei-Yale) collaboration. This database contains the stellar evolutionary tracks from the pre-main-sequence birthline to the heliumExpand
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The Age of Globular Clusters in Light of Hipparcos: Resolving the Age Problem?
We review five independent techniques that are used to set the distance scale to globular clusters, including subdwarf main-sequence fitting utilizing the recent Hipparcos parallax catalog. TheseExpand
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Standard solar model
A set of solar models have been constructed, each based on a single modification to the physics of a reference solar model. In addition, a model combining several of the improvements has beenExpand
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WIYN Open Cluster Study. II. UBVRI CCD Photometry of the Open Cluster NGC 188
We present high-precision UBVRI CCD photometry of the old open cluster NGC 188. Our color-magnitude diagram extends from near the red giant branch tip to as faint as ~5 mag below the main-sequenceExpand
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Evolutionary models of the rotating sun
This paper reviews current work on the evolution of a differentially rotating solar model. Although we discuss global features of the evolution with rotation in general terms, the specific modelsExpand
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