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Assessing the usefulness of bibliometric indicators for the humanities and the social and beha vioural sciences: A comparative study
An evaluation was made of the use of bibliometric indicators for five humanities (social history, general linguistics, general literature, Dutch literature, and Dutch language) and three disciplines in the social and behavioural sciences (experimental psychology, anthropology, and public administration) in the Netherlands. Expand
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Primary non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of the cranial vault.
We present a case of primary B-cell, large-cell, lymphoma of the skull vault in a 50-year-old HIV-positive male, who presented with a history of unilateral headache and a swelling on the scalp.Expand
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Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria terminating as erythroleukemia
A case of a patient who developed erythroleukemia 3 years into the course of paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) is presented. A case of erythroleukemia with a positive sucrose lysis test hasExpand
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Asymmetrical limb reduction deformities--aetiological considerations.
The clinical features of a newborn female infant with reduction deformities of three limbs and no additional major malformations are presented. Diagnostic precision is crucial for accurateExpand
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Final report on the EURAMET.PR-K1.a-2009 comparison of spectral irradiance 250 nm—2500 nm
This report gives the results of the EURAMET.PR-K1.a-2009 Comparison of Spectral Irradiance over the wavelength range 250 nm - 2500 nm. Seven laboratories took part, including the pilot. In generalExpand
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Portable traceability solution for ground-based calibration of optical instruments
We present a portable traceability solution for the ground-based optical calibration of earth observation (EO) instruments. Currently, traceability for this type of calibration is typically based onExpand
Quantification and Modality
The fourth chapter extends the findings of the previous ones by giving an account of two types of phenomena intensively discussed in the dynamic semantics literature. Expand
A patient with dizziness, tachycardia and a DDDR pacemaker.
An 84-year-old female patient presented to the coronary care unit with dizziness. A DDD-R minute ventilation sensor pacemaker had been implanted eight years previously. The ECG showed an atrial andExpand
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