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Effects of agar brand and concentration on the tissue culture medium
In tissue-cultured Cynara scolymus L. (globe artichoke) vitrification (hyperhydric transformation) can only be overcome by increasing the concentration of agar. However, with increasing
In vitro germination of some Western European orchids
Experiments with 3 species have shown that the objective, to obtain a germination percentage, which approximated the maximum percentage of coloured embryos, was achieved, and this has led to the elaboration of a basic sowing method for European orchids.
Meta-topolin, an alternative to benzyladenine in tissue culture?
The metabolism and the in vitro effects of the cytokinin N6-(3-hydroxybenzyl)adenine (meta-topolin, mT) were compared with those of N6-benZyladenine in micropropagated Spathiphyllum floribundum Schott cv.
Mass propagation of globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus): Evaluation of different hypotheses to overcome vitrification with special reference to water potential
By using the Chardakov-method and direct measurement of the water potential with a thermocouple psychrometer, it is proved that this result was attributable to the matric potential.
Optimization of plantain (Musa AAB) micropropagation by temporary immersion system
Three different cytokinins were added to the culture medium and meta-topolin at a concentration of 4.4 μM was proved to be the most efficient and presented as an alternative for plantain micropropagation.
The metabolism of benzyladenine in Spathiphyllum floribundum ‘Schott Petite’ in relation to acclimatisation problems
In Spathiphyllum floribundum ‘Petite’, which was cultured on medium containing benzyladenine (BA), uptake of this cytokinin and its conversion to 9R-BA or 9-ß-glucopyranosyl-benzylenine (9G-BA) was monitored.
Reconsideration of the term ‘vitrification’ as used in micropropagation
It is recommended that the term vitrification should no longer be used to indicate plant material with an abnormal morphological appearance and physiological function, and should be substituted by the term ‘hyperhydricity’.
Impact of sugar concentration in vitro on photosynthesis and carbon metabolism during ex vitro acclimatization of Spathiphyllum plantlets
Increased sugar supply resulted in inhibition of photosynthesis, nonfunctional photosynthetic reaction centers, a more mixotrophic metabolism and higher starch and sucrose reserves at the end of the in vitro period.
Adaptation of the tetrazolium method for testing the seed viability, and scanning electron microscopy study of some Western European orchids
A modified tetrazolium method was formulated for use with seeds of Western European orchids and the optimal pretreatment period was not affected by the year of harvest or the source of the seed lots.