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Evaluation of principal wear mechanisms of cemented carbides and ceramics used for machining titanium alloy IMI 318
AbstractAlthough significant advances in tool material development have been made to facilitate increased metal removal rates when turning steels and cast irons, no equivalent developments have beenExpand
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Diamond like carbon coatings for potential application in biological implants—a review
Production of wear debris has been linked to the failure of numerous hip implants. With the current focus on increasing the implant longevity, thus wear and corrosion resistance is important. HardExpand
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The corrosion–wear behaviour of thermally oxidised CP-Ti and Ti–6Al–4V
Abstract The use of commercial purity titanium (CP-Ti) and Ti–6Al–4V alloys in bio-medical implant applications has been limited by their poor resistance to surface degradation processes. In thisExpand
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Corrosion–wear mechanisms of hard coated austenitic 316L stainless steels
Abstract Austenitic stainless steels like 316L are amongst the most commonly selected structural alloys for use in corrosion environments. Unfortunately, their resistance to surface degradationExpand
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Engineering the Surface with Boron Based Materials
AbstractBoron, boron carbide, boron nitride, and transition metal borides have many attractive properties, including high melting point and hardness, good wear and corrosion resistance, excellentExpand
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The sliding wear resistance and frictional characteristics of surface modified aluminium alloys under extreme pressure
There is an increasing engineering need to broaden the application range of aluminium alloys, particularly in motor vehicles, through appropriate surface engineering. In this way, greater durabilityExpand
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Characterisation and wear response of metal-boride coated WC–Co
Abstract Wear resistant transition metal boride coatings have received comparatively little investigation. In the present work, a series of CrB 2 , Mo 2 B 5 and WB coatings were successfully appliedExpand
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Appendix A – Phase Diagrams
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Wear mechanisms of coated carbide tools
AbstractCemented carbide inserts, both uncoated and coated with single or composite layers of TiC, TiN, or Al2O3, were used to cut En. 8 and En 24 steel at speeds between 183 and 305 min−1 Quick-stopExpand
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