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Decafluorobutane as a phase-change contrast agent for low-energy extravascular ultrasonic imaging.
Currently available microbubbles used for ultrasound imaging and therapeutics are limited to intravascular space due to their size distribution in the micron range. Phase-change contrast agentsExpand
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Formulation and acoustic studies of a new phase-shift agent for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound.
Recent efforts in the area of acoustic droplet vaporization with the objective of designing extravascular ultrasound contrast agents has led to the development of stabilized, lipid-encapsulatedExpand
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On-chip generation of microbubbles as a practical technology for manufacturing contrast agents for ultrasonic imaging.
This paper presents a new manufacturing method to generate monodisperse microbubble contrast agents with polydispersity index (sigma) values of <2% through microfluidic flow-focusing. Micron-sizedExpand
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The magnitude of radiation force on ultrasound contrast agents.
High-speed photography of insonified bubbles with a time resolution of 10 ns allows observations of translation due to radiation force, in addition to the visualization of radial oscillations. AExpand
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Direct observations of ultrasound microbubble contrast agent interaction with the microvessel wall.
Many thousands of contrast ultrasound studies have been conducted in clinics around the world. In addition, the microbubbles employed in these examinations are being widely investigated to deliverExpand
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Phase-change contrast agents for imaging and therapy.
Phase-change contrast agents (PCCAs) for ultrasound-based applications have resulted in novel ways of approaching diagnostic and therapeutic techniques beyond what is possible with microbubbleExpand
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High-resolution, high-contrast ultrasound imaging using a prototype dual-frequency transducer: In vitro and in vivo studies
With recent advances in animal models of disease, there has been great interest in capabilities for highresolution contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging. Microbubble contrast agents are unique in thatExpand
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Modeling of nonlinear viscous stress in encapsulating shells of lipid-coated contrast agent microbubbles.
A general theoretical approach to the development of zero-thickness encapsulation models for contrast microbubbles is proposed. The approach describes a procedure that allows one to recast availableExpand
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Maxwell rheological model for lipid-shelled ultrasound microbubble contrast agents.
The present paper proposes a model that describes the encapsulation of microbubble contrast agents by the linear Maxwell constitutive equation. The model also incorporates the translational motion ofExpand
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Ultrasound radiation force enables targeted deposition of model drug carriers loaded on microbubbles.
A novel drug delivery vehicle that specifically targets using ultrasound radiation force (USRF) and biotin-avidin interactions is presented. Model vehicles consist of avidinated fluorescent nanobeadsExpand
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