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Quantum Fields in Curved Space
This book presents a comprehensive review of the subject of gravitational effects in quantum field theory. Although the treatment is general, special emphasis is given to the Hawking black hole
The Wave Equation on a Curved Space–Time
F G Friedlander London: Cambridge University Press 1976 pp ix + 282 price £15 The continuing interest in general relativity has created the need for a book on the rigorous mathematical theory of wave
The thermodynamic theory of black holes
  • P. Davies
  • Physics
    Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. A…
  • 21 April 1977
The thermodynamic theory underlying black hole processes is developed in detail and applied to model systems. I t is found that Kerr-Newman black holes undergo a phase transition at a = 0.68M or Q =
Thermodynamics of black holes
Black holes appear to conform to a very straightforward generalisation of standard laboratory thermodynamics. This generalised theory is examined in detail, and some concrete results are presented.
Scalar production in Schwarzschild and Rindler metrics
The procedure used recently by Hawking (1975) to demonstrate the creation of massless particles by black holes is applied to the Rindler coordinate system in flat space-time. The result is that an
Schrodinger's Machines: The Quantum Technology Reshaping Everyday Life
Perhaps the most successful scientific theory in history, quantum mechanics has already ushered in the information age with inventions like the transistor and the laser. In Schrodinger's Machines,
Thermodynamic phase transitions of Kerr-Newman black holes in de Sitter space
A curious feature of black holes which rotate and/or carry electric charge is that as the rotation and/or charge is increased the black hole undergoes a second-order phase transition in which its