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Spies as Informants: Triangulation and the Interpretation of Elite Interview Data in the Study of the Intelligence and Security Services
This article examines the application of ‘triangulation’ to the use of elite interviewing in political science, with specific reference to the study of the intelligence and security services. It isExpand
Intelligence, information technology, and information warfare
  • P. Davies
  • Political Science, Computer Science
  • Annu. Rev. Inf. Sci. Technol.
  • 1 February 2005
Le statut de la collecte clandestine dans les sous-domaines suivants : piratage informatique, collecte par agent humain versus par methodes techniques, interception de signal, action clandestine, contre-intelligence and diffusion et analyse en general isabelle. Expand
MI6 and the machinery of spying
1. Introduction 2. Origins and the First World War, 1903-18 3. The Inter-war Years, 1919-39 4. War Without and Within, 1939-45 5. A New Kind of War, 1946-56 6. To the End of the Cold War and After,Expand
The Missing Dimension’s Missing Dimension
Intelligence culture and intelligence failure in Britain and the United States
This article argues for the value of a theory of ‘intelligence culture’ in understanding not only how national intelligence systems work but also how intelligence failures occur in those systems. AExpand
Intelligence and the Machinery of Government
This article argues that the failure to address intelligence agencies as public organizations part and parcel with the overt machinery of government constitutes a significant lacuna both in theExpand
Ideas of Intelligence: Divergent National Concepts and Institutions. (Intelligence)
Since World War II, much effort has gone into defining "intelligence." This effort has even given rise to what is sometimes called intelligence theory, which can be traced to Sherman Kent's desire toExpand
Intelligence, Iraq and the limits of legislative accountability during political crisis
This article argues that there is an inherent tension in legislative intelligence oversight bodies between their responsibility to the voters who elect them and their political parties who selectExpand