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Scribes and Schools: The Canonization of the Hebrew Scriptures
ion, drawing away from a postulated world “out there.” Indeed, the very terms 120 Liverani, Prestige and Interest, 22. 121 Conversely, the less and more scattered the data are, the less able are weExpand
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Effect of temperature and photoperiod on sexual maturation and spawning of the common carp: III. Induction of spawning by manipulating photoperiod and temperature☆
Abstract Japanese common carp “Magoi”, Cyprinus carpio (Linnaeus), were maintained in cool water (16°C) combined with long (16L-8D) or short (12L-12D) photoperiods from November. After about 3 monthsExpand
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The Old Testament World
Part 1 The setting: geography and ecology of the Land of Israel - the land, climate and vegetarian, population and agriculture in 1200 BCE, land and land use 1200-587 BCE, land and land use 587 to 63Expand
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Effect of temperature and photoperiod on sexual maturation and spawning of the common carp: I. Under conditions of high temperature
Abstract Carp were reared at a constant cool temperature (16°C) combined with either short (12L–12D) or long (16L–8D) photoperiods. The fish showed similar, continuous increases in the number ofExpand
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Whose Bible Is It Anyway
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In Search of "Ancient Israel"
The appearance in 1992 of 'In Search of Ancient Israel' generated a still raging controversy about the historical reality of what biblical scholars call 'Ancient Israel'. But its argument not onlyExpand
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The origins of the ancient Israelite states
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The So-Called Therapeutae of De Vita Contemplativa : Identity and Character
It has become quite common in scholarship to consider the community described by Philo in De vita contemplativa as a specific Jewish group comprising contemplative Essenes or people somehow relatedExpand
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James in the Qumran Scrolls
The most controversial aspects of Robert Eisenman' s theory propose that the production of the Qumran scrolls and the origins of Christianity both lie within this popular Judaism of "righteousness"Expand
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