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Minimal basis for gauge theory amplitudes.
Identities based on monodromy for integrations in string theory derive relations that imply that the color-ordered tree-level n-point gauge theory amplitudes can be expanded in a minimal basis of (n-3)! amplitudes.
The momentum kernel of gauge and gravity theories
We derive an explicit formula for factorizing an n-point closed string amplitude into open string amplitudes. Our results are phrased in terms of a momentum kernel which in the limit of infinite
General Relativity from Scattering Amplitudes.
Weoutline the program to apply modern quantum field theory methods to calculate observables in classical general relativity through a truncation to classical terms of the multigraviton, two-body,
New Representations of the Perturbative S Matrix.
A new framework to represent the perturbative S matrix is proposed, constructed from tree-level amplitudes and integrable term by term, derived from the Feynman expansion through a series of partial fraction identities, discarding terms that vanish upon integration.
Monodromy-like relations for finite loop amplitudes
We investigate the existence of relations for finite one-loop amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory. Using a diagrammatic formalism and a remarkable connection between tree and loop level, we deduce
Spectrum of the Wilson Dirac Operator at Finite Lattice Spacings
We consider the effect of discretization errors on the microscopic spectrum of the Wilson Dirac operator using both chiral perturbation theory and chiral random matrix theory. A graded chiral
Monodromy and Jacobi-like relations for color-ordered amplitudes
We discuss monodromy relations between different color-ordered amplitudes in gauge theories. We show that Jacobi-like relations of Bern, Carrasco and Johansson can be introduced in a manner that is