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Energy cost and metabolic power in elite soccer: a new match analysis approach.
We propose a more detailed assessment of soccer players' metabolic demands by video match analysis with the aim of also taking into account accelerations. Expand
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The energy cost of human locomotion on land and in water.
The energy cost of the forms of locomotion discussed throughout this article is summarized in Table 9. This table, as well as the preceding sections of this article, are designed to provide a ratherExpand
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Primary Motor and Sensory Cortex Activation during Motor Performance and Motor Imagery: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study
The intensity and spatial distribution of functional activation in the left precentral and postcentral gyri during actual motor performance (MP) and mental representation [motor imagery (MI)] ofExpand
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The energetics of anaerobic muscle metabolism: a reappraisal of older and recent concepts.
This paper discusses under an energetic perspective the recent and older evidence supporting the classical notion that the 'oxygen debt', as originally defined by Margaria et al. (1933) [Am. J.Expand
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Sprint running: a new energetic approach
SUMMARY The speed of the initial 30 m of an all-out run from a stationary start on a flat track was determined for 12 medium level male sprinters by means of a radar device. The peak speed ofExpand
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Energetics of best performances in middle-distance running.
Oxygen consumption (VO2) and blood lactate concentration were determined during constant-speed track running on 16 runners of intermediate level competing in middle distances (0.8-5.0 km). The energyExpand
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Quantitative analysis of the front crawl in men and women.
Body drag, D, and the overall mechanical efficiency of swimming, e, were measured from the relationship between extra oxygen consumption and extra drag loads in 42 male and 22 female competitiveExpand
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Optimal force-velocity profile in ballistic movements--altius: citius or fortius?.
PURPOSE The study's purpose was to determine the respective influences of the maximal power (Pmax) and the force-velocity (F-v) mechanical profile of the lower limb neuromuscular system onExpand
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Energetics of swimming in man.
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Equation of motion of a cyclist.
Tractional resistance (RT, N) was determined by towing two cyclists on a racing bike in "fully dropped" posture in calm air on a flat track at constant speed (5--16.5 m/s). RT increased with the airExpand
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