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Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series
Proceedings of a workshop held atCrimean Astrophysical Observatory, Crimea, Ukraine14 -16 June 2004Edited byC. Martin Gaskell« Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of NebraskaLincoln,Expand
The SAURON project - IV. The mass-to-light ratio, the virial mass estimator and the Fundamental Plane of elliptical and lenticular galaxies
We investigate the well-known correlations between the dynamical mass-to-light ratio M/L and other global observables of elliptical (E) and lenticul ar (S0) galaxies. We construct twointegral JeansExpand
The ATLAS3D project – I. A volume-limited sample of 260 nearby early-type galaxies: science goals and selection criteria
The ATLAS3D project is a multiwavelength survey combined with a theoretical modelling effort. The observations span from the radio to the millimetre and optical, and provide multicolour imaging,Expand
The ATLAS3D project XV: benchmark for early-type galaxies scaling relations from 260 dynamical models: mass-to-light ratio, dark matter, fundamental plane and mass plane
We study the volume-limited and nearly mass-selected (stellar mass M-stars greater than or similar to 6 x 10(9) M circle dot) ATLAS(3D) sample of 260 early-type galaxies (ETGs, ellipticals Es andExpand
GAIA: Composition, formation and evolution of the Galaxy
The GAIA astrometric mission has recently been approved as one of thenext two ``cornerstones'' of ESA's science programme, with a launch datetarget of not later than mid-2012. GAIA will provideExpand
The ATLAS3D project – III. A census of the stellar angular momentum within the effective radius of early‐type galaxies: unveiling the distribution of fast and slow rotators
The definitive version can be found at : http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/ Copyright Royal Astronomical Society
The SAURON project – IX. A kinematic classification for early‐type galaxies
Two-dimensional stellar kinematics of 48 representative elliptical (E) and lenticular (S0) galaxies obtained with the SAURON integral-field spectrograph reveal that early-type galaxies appear in twoExpand
The SAURON project – X. The orbital anisotropy of elliptical and lenticular galaxies: revisiting the (V/σ, ɛ) diagram with integral‐field stellar kinematics
We analyse the orbital distribution of elliptical (E) and lenticular (S0) galaxies using SAURON integral-field stellar kinematics within about one effective (half-light) radius. We construct theExpand
The dynamical distance and intrinsic structure of the globular cluster ω Centauri
We determine the dynamical distance D, inclination i, mass-to-light ratio M/L and the intrinsic orbital structure of the globular cluster ω Cen, by fitting axisymmetric dynamical models to theExpand
The ATLAS3D project – XX. Mass–size and mass–σ distributions of early-type galaxies: bulge fraction drives kinematics, mass-to-light ratio, molecular gas fraction and stellar initial mass function
In the companion Paper XV of this series, we derive accurate total mass-to-light ratios (M/L)(JAM) approximate to (M/L)(r = R-e) within a sphere of radius r = R-e centred on the galaxy, as well asExpand