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Bryozoan carbonates through time and space
The calcareous skeletons of modern bryozoans are major contributors to sediments only outside the tropics, and many temperate limestones are dominated by bryozoans, often in conjunction with mollusksExpand
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Predation on Bryozoans and its Reflection in the Fossil Record
Bryozoans are present in many benthic marine habitats, where they range from minor to dominant ecological elements. At the present day and apparently throughout their history, bryozoans reached peakExpand
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Cupuladriid cheilostome bryozoans can make new colonies both sexually and asexually. Sexual (aclonal) colonies are derived from larvae while asexual (clonal) col- onies result from the fragmentationExpand
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Environmental change prior to the K–T boundary inferred from temporal variation in the morphology of cheilostome bryozoans
Abstract Fluctuations in the marine environment just prior to the K–T extinction event have been inferred from several geological sections around the world. Most previous studies have employedExpand
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Pliocene seasonality across the North Atlantic inferred from cheilostome bryozoans
Abstract Previous studies have shown an inverse correlation between zooid size in cheilostome bryozoans and ambient water temperature. This relationship underlies the MART technique which usesExpand
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Skeletal Ultrastructure in Some Articulate Cyclostome Bryozoans
The ultrastructure of the calcareous skeleton is described in 11 species of articulate cyclostome bryozoans with elastic joints. Ten species have interior walls comprising semi-nacreous andExpand
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New observations on the skeletons of the earliest bryozoans from the Fenhsiang Formation (Tremadocian, Lower Ordovician), Yichang, China
Abstract The earliest unequivocal bryozoans occurred in the Fenhsiang Formation (upper Tremadocian, Lower Ordovician) of Yichang, South China, providing important clues about the early evolution ofExpand
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