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Comprehensive Zebrafish Water Tank Experiment for Metabolic Studies of Testolactone.
The data suggest that, while the concentration of testolactone was high enough to inhibit the aromatase enzyme, an accumulation of androgens in the water occurred, indicating that the ZWT can be considered a model to investigate the impact of steroids on live organisms.
A pilot study of non-targeted screening for stimulant misuse using high-resolution mass spectrometry
Non-targeted analysis of stimulants by PCA as applied to athlete urine samples was demonstrated for the first time to be capable of flagging positive samples in sport competitions, showing its promise as a complementary screening tool alongside classical methods and as a straightforward approach for selecting samples for long-term storage.
Urinary Excretion Profile of Luteinizing Hormone in Brazilian Athletes
The results indicate the assay is suitable for application in doping control analysis, and the strategy used to allow the detection of LH abuse was the establishment of a reference value.